Sureflex, Inc.

If you are in the heavy duty trucking industry, then you know that the rest of the North America and even the world's industries depend on you. Your job is of the utmost importance, and because we help you do your job, we take ours very seriously. You need high quality coiled and straight electrical assemblies to stay safe on the road. We not only provide high quality electrical assemblies, but we do so at an affordable price and with the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.

Currently patronized by seven of the ten major US motor carriers, Sureflex has been providing high quality coiled and straight electrical assemblies since 1988. At Sureflex, we understand that when you need our products, you may need them anywhere in North America. This is why we have a nationwide network of distributors, PDCs, and a direct ship program.

Call us today at (816) 416-0359 to learn more about what we can offer your company – and let's keep the economy of North America strong together.